Great Glen
Future Dates TBC
loch ness
fort william

The Challenges

Just completing the event is a major achievement in its own right. However, for those who enjoy the thrill of competition there are trophies to be won.

Trophy for the overall winner, the best combined performance in all the races, discards will be allowed.

Trophies are awarded for each of the individual class winners.

Loch Ness Challenge - the winner is the first boat to sail the entire length of Loch Ness and back to Foyers, a distance of 36 miles. The race officer will set a cut off time on the day of the race. This will depend on the prevailing conditions.

Highlander Trophy - Complete the whole event entirely self-sufficient and unaided, with the exception of evening meals which are provided. Competitors have to carry all their gear, no tows or extra crew are allowed, and passage may only be made by sailing and rowing - no motors allowed! A real test of skill and stamina in the true spirit of a Raid.

The Endeavour Award. - To be awarded to the person or persons who, at the discretion of the committee, have shown the most “Endeavour” during the week”.

The aim of the Endeavour Award is to ensure that those who are not in with a chance to win on a time basis for reasons of boat size, ability, lack of crew, etc., still have a chance of recognition for their efforts.

The SwallowBoats Trophy. Sponsored by Matt Newland at SwallowBoats for the fastest overall SwallowBoat.

For the Best Dressed Boat competition, boats are decorated at either Cullochy or Kytra and  judged by the lock keepers on arrival at Fort Augustus.

And finally, there may be other awards at the organisers’ discretion. Beware, our spies are out!